NSASN is an affiliate of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN).  Affiliates are approved by the NASN and pay annual affiliation dues.  There is one school nurse affiliate per state and each has a seat on the NASN Board of Directors.

NASN’s mission is to advance the specialty practice of school nursing to improve the health and academic success of all students.  The core goal of NASN is:  “Every child has a school nurse, all day, every day.”

In addition to the vast amount of information and resources available from NASN, NSASN’s affiliation with NASN insures school nurse interests are represented at the state and national level by addressing issues that directly affect school nursing practice.

 Office:  Officers: Contact Information:
 President  Sheila Story, MSN,MPH,RN
Carson City School District
 President Elect  Deane Foley, BSN,RN
Carson City School District
 Past President  Jeanine Clancy, ME.d,BSN,RN,NCSN
Clark County School District
 Secretary  Arlene Heitt, BSN,RN,NCSN
Elko County School District
 Treasurer  Sheralyn McCoy, BSN,RN,NCSN
Elko County School District
NASN State Director  Bobbi Shanks, MS,BSN,RN,NCSN
Elko County School District
Northern Liaison Ginny Williamson, BSN,RN
Washoe County School District
Southern Liaison  Anne Diaz, PhD,RN,NCSN,MFT
Clark County School District
NBCSN Liaison  Arlene Heitt, BSN,RN,NCSN
Elko County School District
 Charter School Liaison Suzanne Quilici, BSN,RN
Silver State Charter Schools